Bio sketch:
Senior asst. prof. Ralitsa Raycheva, MEcon, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Social Medicine and Public Health at Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University Plovdiv where she has been a faculty member since 2010. Prior to join the staff of the Department, she started her academic career as an assistant professor in the Department of Health management, Health Economics and General Medicine.
Mrs. Raycheva successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on “Health technology assessment – Capacity Building and Institutionalization. Bulgarian perspective.” at Medical University Plovdiv in year 2016. She completed and received her MEcon degree from the Paicii Hilendatski University, Plovdiv.
Her research interests lie in the area of health economics and biostatistics, ranging from theory to implementation. In recent years, she has focused on health technology assessment as multidisciplinary approach for informing policy and decision-making in health care, especially on how best to allocate limited funds to health interventions and technologies. She has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines in order to assess various aspects, as technical properties, safety, efficacy/ effectiveness, economic aspects, social, legal, ethical and political impacts of health technologies.
As a result of her diverse interests she has more than 50 publications and has attended in more than 40 national and international scientific events.

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